Now Is the time to build the long awaited memorial to remember the 2000 men whose lives were unjustly interrupted.

The names of Japanese, German, and Italian aliens, and Japanese taken from Latin America , and others will be engraved on a granite Honor Wall.

The Coalition’s responsibility is to raise $750,000 for the Honor Wall, memorial garden, and history walk that begins with the Tongva Indians, Padres on their way to San Fernando, Civilian Conservation Camp, and Detention Station.

Interviews with daughters and sons of Tuna Canyon who are now in their nineties tells about the hardships that mothers and children suffered during this unjust separation and violation of civil liberties.

Fundraiser sponsorships are needed.
$50,000 Platinum
$25,000 Gold Level
$10,000 Silver Level
$5,000 Bronze Level

Special recognitions and benefits will be announced before the October 13, 2019 Fall Classic Lunch.

Donations in any amount are accepted.

The Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition is a 501(c) (3) non profit organization.