Historical-Cultural Monument 1039

Established June 25, 2013


To preserve stories of the Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants, and Japanese taken from Peru, and others, at the Tuna Canyon Detention Station which was operated by the Department of Justice during World War II in the City of Los Angeles.

Our Goals

To create a welcoming gathering place for people of all ages and origins, especially student groups, that explores the entire history of the Tuna Canyon Detention Station (TCDS) site.

To establish a dynamic, emotionally engaging, living memorial for the individuals — Japanese, Italian and German immigrants, Japanese Peruvians and others — whose civil liberties were violated at TCDS.

To present educational programming that connects the site’s history with contemporary life, serves as a somber reminder of the fragility of our democracy, and ensures its relevance for future generations.

To create an inspirational setting for those detained at the TCDS and their families and give all visitors an opportunity to reflect on the profound significance of the site.

To construct a well-planned site that ensures access to all people.

Tuna Canyon Detention Station Battle for Preserveration

By Lloyd Hitt, Bolton Hall Museum for Bicentennial Celebration

We have come a long way since 2006 when Paul Tsuneishi, a long time friend & I decided that we wanted the Tujunga WWII site to be remembered for what had happen there because of racism and fear. We also realized that the city of Los Angeles. within the city limits, had not recognized any site connected with the rounding up of Japanese, Germans, & Italians at the beginning of WWII and I don’t think this was an accident.

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