Only the Oaks Remain

Only the Oaks Remain
Photo credit: Stephen Schafer

The beauty of this oak grove belies a tragic history. At the beginning of World War II, The U.S. Department of Justice turned the Tuna Canyon Civilian Conservation Corps camp into the Tuna Canyon Detention Station by enclosing it with barbed wire and guarding it with soldiers.

From December 1941 to October 1943, Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants, Japanese taken from Peru, and others were imprisoned here in violation of their civil liberties. On June 25, 2013, the Los Angeles City Council designated this site as a Los Angeles Historic

The oaks, as witnesses to history, compel us to learn from our nation’s mistakes and stand strong against prejudice, wartime hysteria, and injustice.

This was composed for the Tuna Canyon Detention Station memorial plaque.