Mission Statement To illuminate the U.S. government’s World War II incarceration of Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants and others at the Tuna Canyon Detention Station so that such injustice is never again experienced by any group.

1941 Presidential Proclamations Authorizing Arrests of Japanese, German, and Italian Aliens

The Legacy Project

We are deeply grateful to the descendants of the Tuna Canyon Detention Station who have provided valuable historical and personal information about Tuna Canyon during interviews conducted by June Berk, Project Director. With assistance from Dr. Russell Endo, retired University of Colorado Professor and descendant, interviewees were able to read documents from the National Archives. Full length interviews are only available with permission.

The Legacy Project is funded by the National Park Service Japanese American Confinement Sites grant. We are grateful to the Japanese American National Museum Watase Media Center for filming and archiving the collection.

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Featured Story

The Grateful Crane Ensemble narrated family letters written during March 1942 when father was arrested by the FBI and sent to Tuna Canyon. Mother Chica had to pay all debts, collect funds, and close the optometrist business that her husband, Kenzo, left behind.The family had to report to Parker, Arizona or Poston Concentration Camp 1 along the Colorado River.

Current Events and Latest News

Tuna Canyon 80th Anniversary Virtual Commemoration Posted Dec 13, 2021

Please join us in our celebration. Click HERE to experience our history, honor our detainees and congratulate our scholarship winners.

Statement from Tuna Canyon Coalition on Passing of Holly Yasui Posted Nov 12, 2021

Press Release – November 11, 2021: Statement by Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition The Tuna

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Japan Hollywood Network Posted Aug 04, 2021

The Japan Hollywood Network posted a video about the Tuna Canyon Detention Station on YouTube.

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