The Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition wants to use Historic Cultural Monument # 1039 and the adjacent park space to memorialize the Tuna Canyon Detention Station (TCDS), which opened on December 16, 1941. We want to build a space for visitors to learn what happened at the site and to emotionally engage the public with America’s WWII Confinement sites, starting with TCDS.

Within hours after Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the FBI picked up and arrested Japanese, German, and Italian aliens who were on the ABC list. The ABC list consisted of men the government considered a high-security risk, such as Buddhist and Shinto priests, martial arts teachers, journalists, anyone who was a community leader, as well as fishermen and farmers. Also incarcerated here were Japanese from Peru who were kidnapped and used as hostages for prisoner exchanges.

The proposed parkland is the site where the men were taken, who were arrested without charges and separated from their families. The site is just 14 miles from Los Angeles City Hall and this memorial would be a destination for all students of social justice. We see it including art installations, an example of authentic barracks, and a guard tower, all set among the ancient oak trees that were on the site when the Detention Station was in operation. We hope to build a museum quality building on the parkland that will be home for the traveling exhibit called, “Only the Oaks Remain.”

We have strong support from the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority, and the Trust for Public Land, but we need many more dollars to get this done.

Please support this effort by donating to the Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to telling of this disgraceful part of our history and educating ourselves so that we will not tolerate it happening again.

Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition
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