La Tuna Canyon Boys Camp # 31126


9101 La Tuna Canyon Rd,
Tujunga, CA

The last use for the WWI barracks would be to house the La Tuna Canyon Boys Camp # 31126 from 1946 to 1953 when the listing in the directories cease to exist. The address listed in the phone directories was 1901 La Tuna Canyon Rd, Tujunga. The County Probation Camp would make some modification to the camp removing the Lookout Tower and fence guard towers and the long building along the North fence along with a smaller building near by for sports activities like basketball. The swimming pool would still be in use. The only information is from a diagram of the camp from LA Planning Dept. and the listings in the community directories. Little is known about this camp and unlike other County Boys Probation camps it does not show up on an internet search.