Sajiro Miyoshi

sanjiro-miyoshiSajiro Miyoshi was born April 15, 1884 in Katsuura, Wakayama, Japan.

He arrived in Tacoma, Washington on June 6, 1900 via Victoria, British Colombia on the SS Brema.

His first employments were in the dining hall for Railroad personnel in Washington, fishing in Port Hueneme and farming tomatoes in El Cajon, Calif.

In 1912 his wife, Shikano, arrived from Ohta, Wakayama

In 1913, they moved to San Diego to fish for Van Camp Sea Food Co and started a family of 5 daughters. After the death of his wife in 1929, he moved to Terminal Island to fish. He also built a hamburger stand at the entrance to the Los Angeles Yacht Club staffed by his daughters

On January 28, 1942, the FBI issued a warrant for his arrest because he owned a small fishing boat.

By Feb 2, he was apprehended from his home at 171 Terminal Way and taken to the Immigration station on the island.

On Feb 4 he was moved to Tuna Canyon and on June 10, 1942 he was moved to Fort Lincoln, Bismark, North Dakota.

By August 8, 1942 he was released and reunited with his family who were in Manzanar Concentration Camp.

In 1943, because his whole family was deemed to be “Loyal American Citizens” they were allowed to move to Grand Junction, Colorado to farm.

He passed away on Nov 1,1962 in Katsuura, Wakayama, during a trip to Japan at age 78.

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