George Yataro Yamane

yataro-yamane-imgGeorge was born on July 8, 1899 and passed away on July 5, 1985. During his lifetime, he went to Japan to find a bride named Kiku who was lovely girl from Yamaguchi, Oshima gun, from the southern island called Honshu. He worked hard as a truck farmer when on March 14, 1942; he was taken to Tuna Canyon for a period of twelve days.

Santa Fe, New Mexico from 3/27/42 to 6/19/42

Lordsburg, New Mexico 3/19/42 to 4/5/43

Manzanar Concentration Camp 4/8/43

San Fernando Valley on November 4, 1945

He went to Kingman, Arizona by order of the Attorney General directing that he be paroled and returned to Manzanar Relocation Project. He finally found a place to call home for his three little boys at Manzanar Concentration Camp, CA when they arrived by bus after traveling for days. Bobby Hiroto, Jimmie Fusaji, and Teddy Mitsue. He worked hard as a truck farmer. He finally got his citizenship on September 9, 1955. Middle son served in military and moved to the Venice area while Bobby and Teddy returned to the San Fernando Valley.

Bobby Hiroto born 2/19/25

Jimmie Fusaji born 8/16/26 who was stationed in Ft. Douglas, Utah,
(Armed Forces)

Teddy Mitsue born 8/24/28

Citizenship Santa Fe, New Mexico 3/27/1942-6/19/1942

Santa Fe, New Mexico 3/27/1942-6/19/1942

September 9, 1955

Left camp: November 4, 1945 to San Fernando, California