Tuna Canyon Story – The Grateful Crane Ensemble performs “Only the Oaks Remain” Posted April 28, 2018 by Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coaliation


Here’s a photo of our group who performed “Only the Oaks Remain” yesterday at the San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center. Pictured are (l-r) Aimee Angeles, Jason Fong, Kurt KuniyoshiDarrell Kunitomi Soji Kashiwagi, Scott Nagatani, Danny Yamamoto, HeeSun Park, Ping Wu, Keiko Kawashima and Haruye Ioka.

Thank you to the San Fernando JACL and Nancy Takayama, Nancy Oda, June Berk and everyone with the Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition for hosting us. Thank you to our community members for coming out to see the show, and to our friends for coming out to support us. And thank you to our cast, musicians and crew whose heartfelt performances brought many in our audience to tears.