Diaries are an important resource for historians as they are first person primary material.

The Coalition has commissioned the translation of several diaries such as Reverend Daisho Tana, Sasabune Sasaki, and others. Here is the account of Reverend Daisho Tana who was picked up since he was a Japanese Language Teacher.

Why Is the Tuna Canyon Detention Station Important?

By: Jean-Paul deGuzman
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The Legacy of
Merrill Scott

By: Lloyd Hitt
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Rev. Daisho Tana’s Diary


Traveling Exhibit Schedule

Santa Barbara Historical Museum – Displaced: The Detention & Internment of Santa Barbarans During WWII
Feb 1 – May 27 all-day

Utilizing historic documents, images, artifacts, and oral histories the Museum will open two thought-provoking exhibitions, both of which reveal the impact of detention and internment on members of the Japanese, German and Italian communities in Santa Barbara – and beyond – shortly after American entry into World War II.

Only the Oaks Remain
Apr 15 @ 2:00 pm

Mark your calendar to see the original Tuna Canyon Story show on Sunday, April 15, 2018, at the San Fernando Valley Japanese Community Center at 2:00PM.

The San Fernando Valley Japanese American Citizens League is sponsoring the event. Tickets are $20. Bento lunch is available at $10. Dessert and tea will be served complimentary.

It’s been 76 years since the FBI knocked on the door to arrest men on the west coast thought to be dangerous. Over 2000 were taken from their families and moved in a few days to Ft. Missoula, Montana, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and/or Crystal City, Texas.

Since 2013, Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition has been preserving the stories of the Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants, and Japanese taken from Peru, and others by interviewing descendants, taking its exhibit to ten locations, publishing a book, and now this dramatic play.

The SFVJACC and SFVJACL are the proud sponsors of the rare historic story a few miles away off the 210 freeway where the Verdugo Hills Golf Course used to be.

Tickets may be purchased online through our PayPal Donation page or at the door on the day of the event.

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OC Agricultural & Nikkei Heritage Museum
Sep 1 – Oct 31 all-day