Traveling Exhibit

What does the exhibit mean to me?


Of the many community projects I have championed over the years, to be involved in The Tuna Canyon Exhibit, “Only the Oaks Remain”, has been the most important project for me as it relates to the past, present, and the future. The exhibit represents years of preparation by people of a wide range of talents, races, & ethnicities with a goal, to determine what happened at the WWII Tuna Camp and more important to educate and remind the American public that it must never happen again. The timing is perfect with the world in its current state as people are divided over race and religion as east meets the west. The exhibit reminds us how a few racist coming together can spread fear that affects the outcome of how a nation responds to war in a time of crisis and fear. The tribal barriers have to come down on both sides for a lasting peace.

For over seventy`years the Tuna Camp had slipped into the shadows where history often resides only to be rediscovered by those of us who care and that is why this exhibit is so important to me.

Mr. William Lloyd Hitt is the chairman of the Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition Board of Directors.
He has been a resident of Sunland Tujunga for seventy years.He and the late Paul Tsuneishi began this project in 2006.
He was honored by the organization for his leadership in its quest for Historic Cultural Monument (HCM) number 1039 status.
He was president of the Little Landers Historical Society that meets in Bolton Hall that is HCM number 2.