The Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition (TCDSC) biographies were written by the board, community and family members. We have gained a greater insight to their personal experiences. Sigrid Toye said, “I am now finally able to share my feelings with the universe.”

The mission of the TCDSC is to tell the stories of the Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants and others taken from Latin America. We will continue to search for such stories so please contact us so it is preserved for future generations and researchers.

No part of the diary and or essay may be reprinted without permission of the Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition. Copyright. 2016. Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition. All Rights Reserved.

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Tsurukiho Abe
Zentaro Asamen
Eugen Banzhaf
Fritz Caspari
Heigoro Endo
Sei Fujii
Shiro Fujioka
Cesare Rene Grimaldi
Kishiro Hayashi
Lloyd Hitt
Kamaroku Ige
Taikichi Kato
Kunitomo Mayeda
Giichi Miyano
Sanjiro Miyoshi
Herbert Victor Nicholson
Sakakura, Koutaro History
Jiro Oishi
Shuichi Sasaki
Merrill H. Scott
Shinsuke Sugimoto
Bokuhei Takeuchis
Daishō Tana
Nikuma and Ted Tanouye
Masahiko Wada
George Yutaro Yamane