Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 Health Emergency declared by the U.S. Government, the All Camps Reunion scheduled for May 2, 2020 at Quiet Cannon in Montebello, CA, will no longer take place. The Committee is currently seeking options for a future date. Further information will be forthcoming.

By All Camps Reunion Committee,
Bacon Sakatani, Chair

Mission Statement To preserve stories of the Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants, and Japanese taken from Peru, and others, at the Tuna Canyon Detention Station which was operated by the Department of Justice during World War II in the City of Los Angeles.

Support Letters

PLUM DEC 10 - After two continuances, the letter below from Snowball West Investments LP, was issued to the Planning and Land Use Management Committee. See Facebook for updates.
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Letter to the Planning and Land Use Management Committee written by State Senator Anthony Portantino
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Letter to the Honorable Monica Rodriguez
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Los Angeles City Council denied Snowball's application for a zone change on the property

On December 12, 2019, the Los Angeles City Council denied Snowball's application for a zone change on the property.

Snowball has an agreement with the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (MRCA) that it conditioned on the City's approval of the proposed development. That agreement was going to provide park space and a fund that would go to the Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition for development of a memorial in the park. The purchase of the parkland anticipated in this agreement requires the MRCA to raise funds to purchase the park property. Not all of that funding is in place.

At this time, we do not know what Snowball's position will be regarding the agreement inasmuch as the City did not approve the project.

The MRCA, VOICE and the TCDS Coalition will all be working to keep the agreement in place even though the City denied the zone change and will, of course, continue to try to negotiate an even better deal.

Snowball's choices:

  • It could negotiate a revised project with the City.
  • It could sue the City and win, either directly or after appeals, and then build the development. It could either continue to honor the agreement with the MRCA (We would get a park.) or ignore it (We might not get a park.).
  • It could sue the City and lose and be left with at least three choices.
    1. It could walk away from this development and sell the property.
    2. It could revise the development and go back through the City process.
    3. It could sit on the land and do nothing.

Kay Oda said, “VOICE ( volunteers organized in conserving the environment), long opposed this project, and sought to have this place be open space. However, we much appreciate Snowball West has agreed to sell some of the project to the MRCA (Mountain Recreation & Conservation Authority) for a park. We also appreciate the city’s historic status for a small oak grove on the property.”

Photo Credit: Dr. Russell Endo, 11/19
Board member, Donna Sugimoto is pointing to the map.
Photo Credit: Dr. Russell Endo, 11/19
The historic site is located on the Verdugo Hills Golf Course corner driving range.

Recent Updates

The Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition (TCDSC) biographies were written by the board, community and family members. We have gained a greater insight to their personal experiences. Sigrid Toye said, “I am now finally able to share my feelings with the universe.”

The mission of the TCDSC is to tell the stories of the Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants and others taken from Latin America. We will continue to search for such stores so please contact us so it is preserved for future generations and researchers.

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Featured Story

The Grateful Crane Ensemble narrated family letters written during March 1942 when father was arrested by the FBI and sent to Tuna Canyon. Mother Chica had to pay all debts, collect funds, and close the optometrist business that her husband, Kenzo, left behind.The family had to report to Parker, Arizona or Poston Concentration Camp 1 along the Colorado River.

Current Events

Legacy Project 1 Posted Oct 21, 2019

LEGACY PROJECT 1 was funded by the 2017 National Park Service Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant.  Russell Endo, the primary researcher for the TCDS Coalition, obtains

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Tsuru for Solidarity Posted Oct 21, 2019

We are so honored to have Tsuru for Solidarity teaching peace folding one crane at a time at our luncheon. They will take 125,000 Cranes

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Tuna Canyon Detention Station – Save the Site! Posted Sep 17, 2019

Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition Board Members visited the office of State Senator Anthony Portantino to share information about the place where the historic enclosure

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