Mission Statement To preserve stories of the Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants, and Japanese taken from Peru, and others, at the Tuna Canyon Detention Station which was operated by the Department of Justice during World War II in the City of Los Angeles.

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The Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition (TCDSC) biographies were written by the board, community and family members. We have gained a greater insight to their personal experiences. Sigrid Toye said, “I am now finally able to share my feelings with the universe.”

The mission of the TCDSC is to tell the stories of the Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants and others taken from Latin America. We will continue to search for such stores so please contact us so it is preserved for future generations and researchers.

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JANM Immigrants: Past and Present Posted Mar 15, 2017

We had a National Women’s History Month event at JANM on March 4, 2017. Our distinguished guests spoke from the heart. Pictured below: Ann Burroughs,

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Japanese American National Museum Reception Gallery Posted Dec 28, 2016

On December 10, 2016, the Japanese American National Museum hosted the Tuna Canyon panel in Aratani Hall on opening day. David Ono, ABC7 news anchor,

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Only the Oaks Remain: Stories of the Tuna Canyon Detention Station – Japanese American National Museum Posted Nov 12, 2016

Only the Oaks Remain: The Story of Tuna Canyon Detention Station tells the true stories of those targeted as dangerous enemy aliens and imprisoned in

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