Mission Statement To preserve stories of the Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants, and Japanese taken from Peru, and others, at the Tuna Canyon Detention Station which was operated by the Department of Justice during World War II in the City of Los Angeles.

Letter to the Honorable Monica Rodriguez

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LA City Planning Commission votes to approve a 215 unit residential development

On May 23, the LA City Planning Commission voted to approve a 215 unit residential development for property at 6635 West La Tuna Canyon Road (the former site of the Tuna Canyon Detention Station). The City Council will still need to take final action on the request for a vesting zone change and any other matters that are appealed.

In anticipation of this action, Snowball (the property owner) and the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (a state open space & park agency) reached an agreement would include the following:

  • Reduce the number of lots from 215 to 169. There would be 46 lots available for purchase in three sections, depending on available funding.
  • The lots would be appraised at Fair Market Value and sold at a 10% discount. The MRCA would become the owner and operator of the park.
  • There would be a permanent maintenance fund, based on homeowner association fees, established for the MRCA.
  • There would be a one-time fund for the TCDS Coalition to make improvements to the park related to the Tuna Canyon Detention Station.
  • The result would be 6.3 acres of newly developed parkland and 28.4 acres of undeveloped hillside open space for a total of 34.7 acres of new parkland owned and operated by the MRCA. The compromise park proposal reduces the footprint of the development by roughly 25%.
  • The funding for the project would be raised largely by the TPL, the MRCA, as well as other entities. The total cost is estimated to be between 6 and 8 million dollars.
  • The Park would be owned and operated by the MRCA.
  • The Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition would fund improvements to the park including a Tuna Canyon memorial.
  • And the MRCA would also make improvements to the park, including in the upper portion where they envision a small parking lot and trailhead.

Recent Updates

The Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition (TCDSC) biographies were written by the board, community and family members. We have gained a greater insight to their personal experiences. Sigrid Toye said, “I am now finally able to share my feelings with the universe.”

The mission of the TCDSC is to tell the stories of the Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants and others taken from Latin America. We will continue to search for such stores so please contact us so it is preserved for future generations and researchers.

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Featured Story

In 2016, Dr. Duncan Williams translated thirteen days of Daisho Tana’s Diary when he was held at Tujunga that provides the first look inside the Detention Station.
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Current Events

Legacy Project – October 13, 2019 Posted Jul 28, 2019

On April 15, 1942, in a letter to her Issei husband detained at Tuna Canyon, Chica Sugino wrote this:   “Someday there must be an awakening

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Chica Sugino Papers Posted Jul 02, 2019

Kenzo Sugino made this rare artifact while he was at Tuna Canyon Detention Station. He translated for the government for five months before he was

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Handmade Family Heirloom Posted Jul 02, 2019

Grandson of Officer in Charge Merrill H. Scott, David Scott, entrusted Tuna Canyon Detention Station with his family heirloom. The box is handmade by the

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